January 2024 → March 2024
visual identity + scenography
Illustrator + Photoshop + InDesign

Scenography project for “Sorbonne Université Arts Visuels et Expériences” (SUAVES) exhibition at Sorbonne University. It is a photographic exhibition on the theme of the “eye” mix between scientific and artistic angles. Project creates in collaboration with space design students of ESAA La Martinière Diderot.

This scenography is like a forest with light and modular structures. Indoor and outdoor are connected with pictures hung on windows. The reverse side of these pictures is a visual to make visitors visit this exhibition.

Each section of the exhibition is represented by a simple graphical shape to convey the theme of this section and to help the visitor in the exhibition, like a landmark.

The visual identity was created and applied to scenography elements, including plates, section panels, and outdoor visuals.

Paysage sensoriel

September 2023 → January 2024
research + game design
Illustrator + Blender + After Effects + InDesign

Research project on drawing maps by Jacques Bertin, a French cartographer. After the relief representation and expressiveness maps study, I chose to create a game where users can compete to own the largest territory on a customizable map.

The different textures and colors of the pieces represent relief based on land type, as a painter's palette: plains, hills, valleys, and mountains. The target of this game is the slighted person and blind person to comprehend the physical reality of maps by touch.

Prototype creation, composed of a laser-cut wooden tray and plastic pieces made with a 3D printer; and production of mediation videos for the exhibition "Archives graphiques de la recherche. De Jacques Bertin à Adrian Frutiger" in the art & essay gallery of Rennes 2 university.


Le mystère de la grotte

March → July 2023
editorial + development
InDesign + Illustrator + Alchemy

This project is a playbook for children for the National Archaeology Museum of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. This project aims to discover the museum’s Paleolithic gallery collections in a fun way for children. I chose to take an interest in signs engraved on prehistoric objects in the museum’s Paleolithic gallery collections.

As the public of this playbook is mainly the children, I choose to present the museum’s collections by telling a story like a choose-your-own-adventure book. A prehistoric child lost his family in a cave. He needs to take the right way to find his family. The prehistoric child will discover several signs engraved on objects in the museum’s collections on his path.

On the design of the path shape, I generated a sound curve with my voice with Alchemy, an open-source drawing software. This presence of sound can remind us of the footsteps echoing on the cave wall. The textures are prevalent in this playbook because they remind us of the cave wall where are engraved the signs of the collections in the museum.


October 2022 → January 2023
research + editorial + development
Paged.js + Processing + P5.js + InDesign

This research explores the practices of type designers through their use of tools, programs, and software. I investigate programs that allow typographers to emancipate from standardized tools, like Glyphs or the Adobe suite. I question the practice of type design today in the face of the endless stream of typefaces. I approach the reimagining and creation of software, but also, I’m also interested in more physical practices, where computer tools are only used at the end of the design process.


Atlas subjectif

December 2022
research + editorial + development
Processing + Photoshop + InDesign

4 posters were created as part of the research. This project is a new perspective on the iconography of my research. The user can bend, join, and combine the posters as part of to create new associations.

Pictures have been altered and resized with a Processing script to keep only the shape of the letters. This iconography is organized in 4 groups according to their similarities.

Posters printed in riso printing in 2 colors.


October 2022
research + editorial + development
Seam Carving program + Processing + Illustrator + InDesign

This micro-edition explores the program notion. Each two-page spread includes one idea combined with one picture that I want to question in my research.

I create these shapes with the Seam Carving program and Processing script to provide unexpected in my design process.

Matisse (spécimen)

August 2022
web design + development
HTML2Print + HTML + CSS + Jquery

Machine à écrire

April 2022

Modular typeface inspired by La Tristesse du Roi, canvas by French artist Matisse. I created a tool to draw each shape and create each letter. The aesthetic of this tool makes the link between shapes and Matisse’s canvas. I produce a poster series silk-screen printed specimen in 2 colors. Go to website

normographe en bois de face et de dos affiche specimen sérigraphiée en 2 couleurs (rouge et bleu) sur papier doré affiche specimen sérigraphiée en 2 couleurs (jaune et bleu) sur papier bleu affiche specimen sérigraphiée en 3 couleurs (bleu, rouge et doré) sur papier doré affiche specimen sérigraphiée en 2 couleurs (bleu et rouge dégradé) sur papier jaune affiche specimen sérigraphiée en 2 couleurs (jaune et rouge dégradé vers le bleu) sur papier bleu croquis de recherche croquis de recherche croquis de recherche et premiers normographes réalisé dans du carton gris


Image du projet Méta-mort-fausse – Aurélien Maufroid

April 2022
editorial + 3D
Blender + Photoshop + InDesign

This fanzine, created in collaboration with Clara Saffre, is our personal graphic interpretation of the Zugzwang theater play by the Galactik Ensemble group. This edition shows 3D scenes created in Blender software that transcribes the chaotic and apocalyptic atmosphere of this theater play.

Présentation d'une double page de l'édition avec manipulation du pion Présentation de l'édition et de sa version en réalité augmentée Présentation de l'application de réalité augmentée de l'édition Gros-plan sur le texte de l'édition Gros-plan sur le pion et une illustration de l'édition Gros-plan sur le pion et une illustration de l'édition Capture d'écran du projet dans Blender


Les grandes serres

Illustrator + Font Forge

Les grandes serres (visual identity)

Image du projet Les Grandes Serres – Aurélien Maufroid

October 2021
visual identity
Illustrator + Photoshop + InDesign

Fictionnal visual identity for Les Grandes Serres at Jardin des Plantes, in Paris. I used a module and raster to highlight plant diversity and metal architecture.

I also create an ephemera advertising campaign to promote this place on a “wild” theme. I created several murals composed with patterns of logo.

Image de présentation du projet Animation logo évolutif Typographies de l'identité visuelle Papeterie de l'identité visuelle Declinaison sur panneaux explicatifs Déclinaison sur tote bag de l'identité visuelle Fresque de la campagne publicitaire éphémère Fresque de la campagne publicitaire éphémère

5 colonnes et 8 cases

November 2021
web design + motion design + development
After Effects + Photoshop + HTML + CSS


Présentation dans son ensemble du jeu

Februar 2021
game design
Photoshop + InDesign

Kit is an improvisation game in which multiple teams compete and let their imagination create a coherent story in one minute based on a given story, an assigned word…

This card game is inspired by the assembly kit. This is a toolbox to create an original and funny story.

Image de présentation du projet Vue du dessus de la boîte du jeu Présentation dans son ensemble du jeu Présentation dans son ensemble du jeu Exemple d'une carte du jeu